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Epileptic seizure

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Male
Age 2 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Prediction of symptoms in the future
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


Prediction of a single epileptic seizure in a two-year-old boy, based on observation of the behavior of the conflict active phase of the associated special program.


As a baby, the little boy had repeatedly woken at night, crying in panic, so that his parents could scarcely console him. They tried to help him somehow and found an article about a special holding technique, which they found plausible: The crying child is held firmly in the arms to comfort him and to give him “hold”, security and comfort, thereby replicating the secure situation of the womb.

They had to do this about ten times in total to reassure him. It worked quite well, but at the beginning he wriggled quite a bit and wanted to free himself from the grip.

His parents noticed the following year that he hated to be held firmly – cuddling was almost never possible. Because of this behavior, the father, who has been working intensively with the 5BN for years, has now assumed that this is the behavior of the conflict-active phase of a so-called “motor conflict”. This means that the boy had a conflicting feeling during the holding technique that he could not free himself, since in these cases he was prevented from moving. He was probably too old for this technique, as he already displayed a strong urge to move at 6 months, so he felt this situation as a motor conflict, that means “not being allowed to perform a movement”.

Now, the developed strategy was to tell him and show him that from now on no one would hold him against his will any more – and the parents made sure that this really never happened again. Since his language just started to develop during the second year of life, it took several months for these changes to be understood by the child. Then, the parents began to notice a change:

Slowly he became “more trusting” again: He first cuddled his mom when he wanted to be comforted, and then more and more, his dad, as well.

At that time, in November 2016, the father told several family members and acquaintances about the prognosis that this SBS was active in his son, and that therefore it was likely that the boy would experience an epileptic seizure in the next few weeks, and that nobody need panic if that happened in their presence.

The reason for this prediction is that an epileptic seizure occurs in the epileptic crisis of the motor conflict, that means 3 weeks after conflict resolution at the latest. In most cases, it occurs at night when you are in deepest relaxation.

In fact, the conflict was resolved in December 2016 due to the newly perceived safety of the boy, so that on the morning of 01/04/2017 at 4:45AM the epi-crisis of the SBS occurred – the predicted epileptic seizure.

It was not so strong or all over his body, but his arms had convulsions up and backwards, in the direction in which you try to free yourself when you are restrained.

He woke up immediately and his eyes were terrified. In fact, he managed somhow to interrupt the seizure after a few seconds. When he fell asleep again, the seizure returned for a fraction of a second, so he immediately awoke again and interrupted it. This pattern continued for a few hours. Luckily, the parents were able to relax because of their understanding of the process; they explained it to the boy, and reassured him. This was the only epiletic seizure in his life.

Since then, his need for cuddling has become much stronger, which all family members enjoy very much. Even the grandfather remarked, when he saw him again after a few weeks, how much he had changed in this regard!

As a consequence of the seizure, the child was afraid to fall asleep in the dark for many weeks, because he feared another seizure.

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