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Dust mite allergy

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
The report is about Me
Gender Male
Age 29 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Conscious resolution of chronic symptoms (incl. local vicious circles)
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


Resolution of my dust mite allergy with allergic asthma, which has been with me more or less intensive since babyhood for almost 30 years.


Due to pregnancy complications I was born via caesarean section 6 weeks premature. I then had to spend some time in an incubator.

Over the next few years, I had multiple emergency situations due to respiratory symptoms that were diagnosed as pneumonia. In childhood, asthma was diagnosed which was blamed on dust mites.

In fact, I have often had difficulty breathing when in the presence of plenty of dust (rooms with carpets, bed linen, etc) – whereby I had to fall back on an asthma inhaler.

The intensity has decreased somewhat over the years and has been stable for the last 10 years (since adulthood), resulting in a situation with breathing difficulties only a couple of times a year (difficulties inhaling, slight rattling or buzzing in my lungs when breathing), but no more dramatical situations.

According to the 5BN, the dust mites are a track in my case, that means an associated circumstance during the causal conflict. Since this occurred in infancy, I was unable to recall and reconstruct it. A situation in the incubator would be conceivable if I had been lying there on a fur, on which it is easy to imagine the presence of dust mites.

The perceived conflict content was a “territorial fear / scare fear” concerning the bronchial mucosa, as it swells strongly on contact with the the track leading to respiratory distress.

With this information, I spontaneously attempted a “blind resolution” together with my sister. Without knowing the exact causal situation, I deliberately went into a heavy dust situation: I crawled under the bed, where a lot of dust had accumulated, and took a deep breath. At the same time, I told myself that the dust no longer represents any danger to me, that nobody threatens me or invades my territory (“territorial fear / scare fear”) and that I am now an adult and no longer a helpless infant, who experienced that threatening situation so long ago.

For safety, I had the (by now expired) asthma spray ready. However, there was no more respiratory distress and since this action (4 years ago, 2013) it has not returned. The dust mite allergy or asthma diagnosis has therefore resolved by this easy step – simply by understanding the 5BN and doing a simple targeted action to decouple an old, irrelevant track.

5 Biological Laws of Nature

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