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Back pain / lumbago

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
The report is about Me
Gender Male
Age 23 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Prediction of symptoms in the future
Conscious resolution of chronic symptoms (incl. local vicious circles)
Activation of new consequential conflicts
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


A long-term series of witch hazes and back pain as a result of years of pain in the arms and associated perceived "failure" in key areas of life. Ending a vicious cycle of localized subsequent conflict and back pain correctly predicted years in advance.


In 2005 I had to give up all my sport and musical hobbies due to pain in my arms (other review) that stayed with me for 3 years. I perceived this as a “central self-devaluation conflict” (SDC), because these activities played a central role in my life and were the foundation of my self-esteem. Especially bad was the inability to continue my karate training, as I had recently passed the brown belt exam and really wanted to intensify my training to earn a black belt, a “big goal” of mine since childhood.

Furthermore, my studies in computer science were heavily threatened, because it’s hard to type without using your aching hands and arms. Therefore, my entire professional future was in doubt.

In the CA phase, there is a necrosis of the affected new mesodermal tissues in the lumbar region, which was asymptomatic for me and thus stayed unnoticed.

In 2007, determined to manage the chronic pain in my arms, I participated in a crucial computer science internship in the 7th semester of my studies. I had serious doubts I would be able to finish this practical semester once the pains started.

At the halfway mark of the internship, I marked the occasion with a celebration in the evening. I felt enormous relief I had made it this far; surely I would be able to finish the second half as well. The next morning I woke up with severe back pain which seized with lumbago upon bending over.

Realizing the fact that my arms were on the mend and that I would be able to complete the long-dreaded internship was the resolution to one SDC conflict. Thus, the necrotized lumbar spine tissue began to swell and became inflamed in the conflict resolved phase of the special program to rebuild the reduced tissue. As a result of the swelling, a nerve, which emerges laterally from the vertebra, was pinched by my forward movement, resulting in my lumbago.

Since I did not have a more precise knowledge of the new medicine at that time, this sudden pain and the total inability to move was a new perceived local SDC in the lumbar spine: “Finally, after years, my health was looking up, when suddenly, I’m flat on my back, unable to move, which was a first for me.”

This is a typical so-called local recurrence. That means that one feels “broken” again by the pain of the conflict resolved phase and reactivates the same conflict, namely a self-devaluation conflict in this area.

After a few months, when all seemed well again and my back problems were overcome, the SBS resolves, resulting again in swelling, inflammation and pain. And again a lumbago occurred. Which has led to another local recurrence and so the cycle went again and again over the next few years. The time period until the resolution and thus the time between the lumbagos was getting bigger each time, because it took longer and longer until I had the feeling that “now the back is really good again”, which then is the moment of the conflict resolution.

During that time I had started to study the 5BN by attending basic courses. By verifying various symptoms, their accuracy was soon proven without doubt, so I could understand the real cause and the process of my back pain and lumbagos. By understanding that in this case the pain is an inescapable resolution symptom and I’m not “broken” in that area, the next recurrence was significantly lower in intensity. And the next time there was no further recurrence, so the vicious circle was stopped and no more pain occurred in the following years.

The danger to my future career resulted in a self-devaluation conflict which triggered this particular special program. The solution to the central SDC (sports, especially karate) was still pending. With knowledge of the New Medicine I predict: “If I ever manage to reach the 1st Dan (= black belt) in a martial arts, this old, but still active SDC will probably resolve and I will again have 3 weeks of back pain and perhaps a lumbago”.

In 2009, I did not start karate back up again, but instead, began another martial art. Since mid 2015, I have intensified my training, because the goal of the black belt slowly moved into reach (there are no official exams like in karate, you get the black belt when you are “ready” and have mastered the necessary skills, so it is not exactly foreseeable when it will happen). I did not expect it to happen before 2017, but in fact I got the 1st Dan in July 2016 after a great seminar together with a training partner.

While celebrating in the evening, I remembered my prediction of years ago and warned my wife that I expected another period of back pain tomorrow. And so it happened: The next 2 weeks I had moderate back pain, 2 vertebrae lower than the previous time. Because of my other experiences, this time I was more careful, so that it was not followed directly by a lumbago. Only after 2 weeks, when the pain was almost gone, did I become careless and leaned forward unfavorably. This time the lumbago was worse than ever. Since the pain was unchanged for 4 days and I could not walk or sit, I suspect that a vertebra was pushed out by the movement, which now pressed on a nerve with every small movement. Anecdote: At that time, the idea of the project “Disease is Different” was born and I wrote the first version of the script, while immobilized in bed.

On the 5th day I tried to walk again and noticed a cracking sensation in my back, where possibly the vertebra had slipped back into place a bit. The next week I increased my daily walk and started to do some back exercises to help my vertebra return to its normal position. My aching, tensed muscles started to relax again. The complete regeneration took another three weeks.

Level of the brain: According to the 5 biological laws of nature, the levels of the psyche, brain and organ are synchronized. I have a CT scan of 05/30/2006, in which the clearest Hamer Focus is located at the lumbar spine relay on the right side of the brain (which is related to the left side of the body) – just as predicted by the 5 biological laws (see Appendix).

Level of the psyche: Prior to this DHS, I always had the feeling that I could reach anything. My motto was: “There are no impossible tasks, only big challenges!”. In karate, I always felt invincible. The next few years, after the self-devaluation conflict, I was always full of doubt, did not tackle a lot of things, but pushed them off till later. In martial arts training, I always had the feeling that the others were better at a technique, even though objectively speaking, that was not the case. So one could easily see that the conflict was still active. Due to the last solution in 2016, despite the pain, I was very relaxed and mentally confident and my self-esteem improved instantly. I immediately started to think differently about future goals!

Let’s see how this develops…

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